Onda is the entrance to the Serra d’Espadà, and is located just 25 minutes drive from the Grao de Castellón. It is industry and agriculture town of 25,000 inhabitant, , which has one of the architectural treasures of the province of Castellón: the Castle of 365 Towers, which stands on the historic old town.

Several centuries old the Castle of Onda has endured many battles, and each new occupant has left its mark on the fortress. For several years, have been conducted archaeological excavations in the interior, and now three years, you can visit a museum where you can see the large and small architectural gems that have been found, such as the spectacular plasterwork treasures found in a house in the town center. Above them is projected a video that tells the story of the Castle and its suburbs, very interesting.

The most interesting part of the Castle is located in the highest area. It is a Arab palace, which occupies the Alcazaba or the main tower. It was discovered four years ago, and since then there are undergoing works to make the place one of the most interesting to discover how were these buildings during the period of Arab domination. There are only the bases of the walls, but you can see very clearly, and with the help of a guide how are distributed the various rooms, the garden and even the cistern that provided water sources.

The castle has picnic tables in the pine forest growing within its walls, so you can enjoy the picnic basket that kitchen staff of the Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellón will prepare so you don`t miss the advantages of the full board.

From the entrance of the castle you can see a great panoramic view of Onda, with the Serra Espadà in background and the imposing presence of Montí, the highest mountain of the town. From inside the castle you can see all la Plana, till the sea, which gives a good clue why this location was so important in medieval times.

The visit to the Castle can be complemented by a walk through the historical streets. Narrow streets, with little corners that are recovering. In the first weekend of August, coinciding with the feast of El Salvador, patron of the town, is held Medieval Fair, which dresses all the streets with banners, spectacles and craft works that go up to the castle where the main scenarios are held.

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