There are histories that transform into magical the corners of the province of Castellón. About 45 miles from Grao de Castellón we’ll find the small town of Navajas, near Segorbe. There’s one of those places where the magic of legends transforms it into one of the sites you need to know when traveling to Castellón.

This is El Salto de la Novia, a place that runs along the riverbed Palencia, which is reached after passing by the statue that recreates the story and names the place. After a few hundred meters walk, you get to a place where the river water flows, thanks to an impressive waterfall that supplies water.

There are small pools of cool water, where you can take bath and cool in a natural and well suited environment to spend a day enjoying the scenery of the Castellon mountain landscape.

But there is something more: the legend that gives name to the place, and is full of romanticism. History tells that once the couple approached to that place where the river closes to show their love. The proof was that the bride had to jump from one side to another and if she succeeded her success meant a full and happy marriage. If she did not, it was believed that marriage would fail, and then breakup.

The story goes that a couple came, excited, to show how much they loved each other, but in the moment of jumping, she slipped and fell into the water, being dragged by the current. Her beloved jumped behind her and the two drowned, but their bodies were never found. They say that in the full moon, the river becomes a white blanket covering the body of the girl, turned to stone, while the cascade cries them.

This and other versions are told about what happened centuries ago, but the truth is that the place of the Salto de la Novia is ideal for an afternoon, or perhaps all day. Sitting on the riverbank and enjoy the picnic lunch prepared by the kitchen team of the Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellón, you don`t have to worry about anything more than having a great day in the waters of the Castellon mountains.


  1. Sin duda alguna un lugar maravilloso, como fotógrafo me ha tocado ir a este lugar unas cuantas veces ya, para captar los momentos de las personas más aventureras, y a pesar de que he ido en calidad de trabajo, no puedo decir que no he disfrutado de esta maravillosa experiencia.

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