Montanejos is a town located in the Alto Mijares, which gets its name from the River Mijares, one of the most important rivers running through the province of Castellón. The river Mijares flows in Almazora, near Castellon, but is in that part, where it crosses the mountain, that is particularly suggestive.

And it is that constitutes the place where locals and visitors gather at the shore of the river to cool off in summer, and in any other river’s beaches that have been built through several villages in its path.

But it is in Montanejos where the Mijares river has a very special quality. It is a stretch of river water temperature that maintains 25º throughout the year, allowing you to enjoy not only in summer, but to those who do not mind being a bit wet, in cold winter weather to. And there are many who do dare indeed.

The Mijares water passing through Montanejos has special conditions that favor the organism, given its thermal nature and containing minerals. In addition, the river is especially looked after to be clean and ready for the thousands of tourists who want to enjoy its waters.

A walk way, part of the Montanejos spa until the Fuente de los Baños, the place chosen by the majority of visitors to enjoy their bath. A clean enclave, where the artificial beach has been built to relax and take the sun. Instead of the salty water from the Mediterranean, gentle waters of the river are an alternative to our visitors.

The municipality of Montanejos has numerous hiking trails to explore canyons, mountains and lead to surprising places, like the Black Cave, the ravine of Maimona or various other routes accompanying the river and overlook the stunning gorges molded in time by the water.

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