At about 50 km from Grao de Castellón is Vall d’Uxó, a city that has one of the most precious natural treasures that can be visited during the summer holidays in the province of Castellón. The Caves of San Jose are on the outskirts of the town, and welcome every year thousands of visitors who want to know the navigable river that runs through them.

The St. Joseph River flows more than 2.5 km through the caves, although it is believed that it can get up to 5 km, which makes it one of the largest within the visitable ones in Europe. The galleries have been adapted for the visit, and after entry, located in front of the ticket office, you reach a passage leading to the pier, where the boats that cross the navigable sections are to be found.

The tour lasts about 45 minutes on board the one of the boats enabled to sail the first 2 km of your visit to the river. This section leads to another 255 meters long, which is done on foot. There is another section of about two kilometers, but is inaccessible to the public. The temperature inside the cave is stable at 20 º throughout the year, which makes the visit to be the most enjoyable.

The visit starts at the Hall of Bats, which leads to Lake Diana, through the passage of the Boca del Forn, which had to be enlarged during the early twentieth century. From here you get to the Blue Lake, which communicates with the Hall of Siphons. Then comes the pier where you can access the walkable area, and after reaching the end, you go back to the pier from where the visit starts.

The site of the caves is composed of several restaurants and souvenir shops, and also has an area with benches to enjoy a picnic basket like the kitchen staff at the Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellón prepares for customers who decide to go to an excursion and explore the treasures of the Castellón province.

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