Castellon Province conteins treasures, and Morella is one of them. Located in the region of Maestrazgo, bordering the province of Teruel, this town is perched on the other and the crown that forms its castle, warns that we will find many interesting things. To begin, we must stress that Morella is included in the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain, an initiative that seeks to promote and disseminate the heritage of the most charming towns of the country.

Along with Peniscola are the two towns included in this special denomination. It is a medieval village, surrounded by a wall of about 1,500 meters long, on which stands a strong castle that has witnessed hundreds of years of strife. The special location has not made it easy to be conquered over the centuries.

Its streets are narrow and still have the feel of past centuries, which take visitors to times when it was one of the great bastions of the region. Walking through them is to live history of this town, which is open to visitors and allows you to enjoy the walk, but also gastronomy and shopping of typical Maestrazgo products.

Through the Convent de Sant Francesc you get access to the route till the castle. A quick visit to the cloister of this convent takes us to the top of the fortress, where you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the enclave.

In addition, there are hundreds of little corners where you can discover the pulse of history and many more surprises that hides Morella. Among them, the paleontological museum, where you can see some of the remains of dinosaurs that have been found in the area. A tour of the oldest part of the history of Morella that dazzle the little ones.

Morella is just over an hour drive from the Grao de Castellón, and is one of the favorite excursions for guests of Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellon, who spend one or more days to enjoy the beauty of the interior of our province. And also, the picnic basket prepared by the hotel’s kitchen team can be taken so you don’t lose a single day of the Full Board advantages.

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