Within an hour of Castellón, stands a small village crowned by a spectacular medieval castle that represents the medieval essence of the Castellón coast. Peniscola is one of the inescapable destinations to visit during the holidays in Castellón, and the very sight of the old town provokes many emotions in visitors.

Old Town is accessed from the rock base, by any of the three doors. The best start is to get in from the first access that we can find right up from the beach. This will get you to the main street of the town where we will find many restaurants, souvenir shops and places to stop and contemplate the vastness of the sea and discover little corners. One of them is El Bufador (The Blower), a small cavity in the rock that connects directly to the sea and lets you hear the sound of water in the bottom.

At the end of the busy route you’ll get to Papa Luna Castle, where the Benedict XIII reigned as a antipope in the fifteenth century. This is an impressive fortress which overlooks the coast and withstood several attacks during its heyday. As a curiosity, the castle was chosen to shoot the famous movie El Cid, with Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren.


Indeed, during the filming, the production team stayed at the Hotel del Golf  Playa – Castellon which was inaugurated a year earlier. Italian actress and American heartthrob enjoyed the comfort of a newly opened establishment, the first beach hotel in a still little known tourist town of Castellón.

Behind the castle are the gardens, where you can attend a falconry display, birds of prey and other medieval shows. We take the exit at another access, where you can enjoy a drink, watching the imposing figure of the castle and the open sea.

Throughout the summer, Peniscola is full with activities, making it easy to find shows, markets and exhibitions, in addition to major film festivals, theater or music, occupying its most emblematic streets.

A short distance from Grao de Castellón, where Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellón is located, you can spend a great day getting lost in the narrow streets of the old town of Peniscola and relive the days when it was a gem of the Castellón coast.

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