Castellon‘s treasures are not found only in the peninsula. The Mediterranean Sea holds among its waters places that will astonish you with their beauties. About 30 nautical miles from Cape of Oropesa (48.2 km offshore) are Columbrete Islands, a set of four groups with small volcanic islands that have a wide variety of flora and fauna, which is difficult to find elsewhere in Europe.

These groups are formed by a large island and several islets, and are called, in valencian language, La Illa Grossa, The Ferrada, The Foradada and Carallot. Most of the fauna and flora found in these islands are unique in the world, for what are considered Natural Park since 1988.

Scuba diving is one of the sports practiced in Columbrete Islands as underwater wonders make this sport enjoyable to the athletes that travel to these waters.

Only one of the islands can be visited. This is the Illa Grossa, which occupies 14 of the 19 hectares of landmass that forms the archipelago and on which stands the lighthouse and visitor reception center.

You can make excursions to the Columbrete, either in one of the boats that go there daily or by renting a boat for private use, even spending one night anchored on the island and enjoying the peace and tranquility that offers a place away from mass tourism. To organize the trip to the Canary Columbrete, you can request information at the reception of Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellón, where we point out the places where to get the boat and all the choices out there. Do not miss one of the greatest treasures of Castellón! Islas Columbretes

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