Very few things are more exciting than jumping into the void, feel the adrenaline and the wind in your face while falling to a rapidly approaching ground. And just when you think there is no way to stop, feel the tug of the parachute and begin to fall in a controlled manner by the monitor placed on your back.


Only the brave experiment the flight tandem parachute jump that take off from the airfield facilities in Castellon. The track is located next to the Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellon, and many of our guests choose to enjoy this extreme experience during their summer holidays.



Everything begins when Skytime experts give a brief 10-minute class to daring jumpers and explain everything they need to know to tackle the exciting adventure. Then at 4,000 meters of altitude, securely attached by a harness to one of the company experts, begins a 50-second free fall, followed by a parachute drop of about seven minutes.
The adrenaline rush and the explosion of sensations will leave you totally liberated.

Skytime is a company based in the Airfield that organizes these and other intense sky activities. From the accompanied jumps to solo jumps for skydiving professionals, training courses and much more. And now you can experience the feeling of flying free with a new wing-suit jump, if you already have jumper license and experience in the air, of course.

You can get all the information at the reception of Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellón during your stay. Dare to experience one of the most intense emotions, and discover the Grao de Castellón from the air!

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