Castellon’s cuisine is rich in meat, fish, sausages and seafood. From land and sea, all of an excellent quality and served in original, traditional, vibrant and tasty dishes. But there is something on the table that dominates over all the fruits of the land and sea, the orange gold, hanging from the orange trees that extend throughout all the province orchards.

Clementine and orange, sweet and captivating fruit that must be present in the diet of all the people of Castellon, are the fruit of our orchards for centuries, and can always be found wherever you want to enjoy a good meal, dinner, breakfast or snack. And in recent years, not only the way we imagine, natural, emplatadas, segmented or juices.

Falling prices caused many orange farmers to rethink the traditional way of selling their crops and it took them to innovate an original way with a popular fruit of Castellón land. From one of these initiatives was born Dr. Naranja (Dr. Orange)
This company has managed to evolve the orange market, and not only distributes boxes with this precious fruit through its website, but has also begun to develop and manufacture products based on the orange deli that also offers through its web. Delicious jams that combine the chocolate flavor (black and with milk), spices and other ingredients with orange, craft beer with citrus and many more products that make this fruit into an object of desire.

This is one of the ways to approach and promote the consumption of orange product originating in Castellón, that is so important in the cuisine of our province and it is also available for purchase in Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellón.

As it cannot be otherwise, in Mediterranean buffet of the Hotel orange is an important part of our cuisine. Healthy, tasty and quality food will become just another wonderful experience you will have on your holiday in the Grao de Castellón.

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