If there is an ingredient that cannot be missing in the Castellón cuisine, that would be a rice. Undisputed king of any table and part of a Mediterranean diet that can be enjoyed in the most varied ways. With fish or meat is the main dish of any delicious menu of our restaurants and homes.

Of course, the most famous dish is paella. It is the quintessential dish in almost every Castellón home, it is dry rice, whose original recipe includes rabbit, chicken, green beans, white bean, tomatoes and of course, rice. To this traditional recipe can be added more ingredients, as paella supports almost any local product.
If done with seafood is seafood paella. The taste of the fishermen of the Shore fruit is felt in this mode and if you add meat than is called mixed paella. But beware, in spite of what you can see in some places, paella does not accept any kind of sausages. At best, pork rib is acceptable, but not sausages.

These are part of the ingredients of baked rice, other kind of dry rice whose cooking is done in the oven, and better if it’s a metal tray or earthenware dish. Added potatoes, cut into thin layers, once roasted contribute to a special texture and flavor to the rice.
Other types of paellas are stone paved paella, a type of paella with baked beans and baked au gratin, or the famous black rice with squid ink that gives this characteristic color to the paella..
Stewed and honeyed rice give another strength to the Castellón cuisine. With meat or fish, both are typical of coastal and mountain villages of our province.
All are present, in one way or another, in the Mediterranean Buffet of Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellón, where you can enjoy along with many other dishes from the varied Mediterranean cuisine.

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