The Playa del Pinar (Pinewood Beach) is located in front of the Parque del Pinar (Pinewood Park), is the first of the three maritime zone beaches of Castellón. It starts right where the last port area buildings rise, and extends northward, joining the Gurugú beach, the second swim and recreation area.


The Playa del Pinar is equipped with all the services that make the beach one of the reference beaches of the province. Showers and feet clean tup await users at the exit of the beach to wipe out, fine and clean sand that covers 1,750 meters long and about 50 meters wide area.


In the arena there are several facilities designed to enjoy on the beach sports with several reds and goals to practice beach volleyball and football. And while the big ones can practice their favorite sport, children can play in recreational areas designed for them, with various games that complement the offer of sun and sea.


The area of Playa del Pinar is preferred one by the residents of the Grao (Shore) and the city, and it is there where they go to take the sun and dive in the warm Mediterranean in the summer. Coastal Park starts at the same point where the beach starts, a walk which has recovered the original dunes of the beach. Hundreds of Castellón residents and visitors stroll along its paths, both on foot and by bicycle, one of the pleasures that offer this enclave on the shores of the sea.

Besides of all what this beach represents, also we can find the Planetarium, an unique building that houses both permanent and temporary installations exhibitions and image projector in the dome that crowns the installation. And all this, just a few meters from the Hotel del Golf Playa – Castellón. In less than three minutes walk from the hotel, you enter the Coastal Park and Playa del Pinar where you can start to experience the sun and the water of our wonderful Mediterranean sea.

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